Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Photos from ex-residents (12) - Yum Shoen Keng

S. K. Yum used to live at Blk 20, Princess Anne Hill, unit #120B.
He was in Princess Elizabeth Estate School in the 1970s.

Though he continues to reside in the Hillview area, he still reminisces about his days in the old primary school. He takes his children there now for walks and occasionally visits the old school building. The building that was our old primary school is now the United Medicare Nursing Centre.

Here are some photos SK Yum took of the old school building whilst it was under renovation last year.
Former students of P.E.E.S. will remember fondly these scenes.

The school caretaker's quarters. There were 2 units housing the families working for the school.
Many will recall the vegetable gardens planted around it.
In my own days in the 1960s, it was always flooded with mud flowing from the construction of Bamboo Grove Park.

The old school store replaced by a new structure.
The old store housed the school sports equipment and also the scouts den.

The drain which ran under the bridge leading to the school field.
Remember catching fish and crabs from this stream?

The new  Nursing Home has built a new elevator at the far end of the school building.

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  1. Wow! the scout's den sure brought back some memories, as I was a cub scout then trying to earn as many badges as we can through all types of activities. Remembered going round the estate to look for household chores to do during our Scout Job Week.

  2. My classmates and I used to use hand line / hooks with live baits [earthworms] to fish for cat-fish in the drain/pond between the school building and the big field.

  3. When I was in Primary 1, I came in first in an arts competition and my drawing - using colour pencils was put up at the cub's den! I remembered that I drew the pictures of 4 characters from a book we used for English lesson - cannot remember all the names - Ali, Siti, Ah Meng?.

    Yum Shoen Liang, P1 1964.