Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The burial of the Hillview Mansion.

Most ex-residents of Princess Elizabeth Estate know, but speak softly, of the infamous Hillview Mansion. If you are not aware of what I am referring to, you can refer to my earlier article about the Hillview Mansion here.

This Mansion was destined not to be built. Some put it to bad luck, some say it was cursed. Most believe it was haunted. Whatever the reason, the land has remained vacant from the 1980s till today - prime real estate that was left untouched for more than 30 years! Why? Has it anything to do with the fact that a young lady was struck by lightning on this very spot?

When a landslide occurred in 2006, rumours spread like wildfire that the cause was supernatural. This so called paranormal incident was further reinforced when a bigger more massive landslide reoccurred at the very same spot a few months later in 2007! This confirmed in the minds of many nearby residents that the spirits refused to have any structure on that spot.

Here are some pictures of the 'Hillview Mansion' just after the 2007 massive landslide.
Though the mansion was previously demolished, the landslide finally buried all traces of the structure.

The mansion stood where the orange spot of earth with the excavator is on.

Strangely the landslide occurred only where the mansion's property lies.

The land terraced and grouted to prevent further occurrences.

The Hillview Mansion property is still vacant till this day.
Can you see something unusual in the photograph?

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Photos copyright & courtesy of Yum Shoen Keng.


  1. Hi James, please could you tell me what is the "unusual" thing in the last photograph you are referring to. I am very interested to know.

    Many thanks and I really do enjoy your blog.



  2. Hi Terence, thanks for visiting my blog.
    If I were to tell you where to look, some things might happen:
    1. the hair behind your neck will stand on ends.
    2. scared people will stop visiting my blog
    3. paranormal hunters will again rush to the site and cause inconvenience to the residents.
    So for the sake of peace, I will just leave it at that.

    Maybe you should go visit the site for a first hand experience? Good luck.

  3. Haha. Yes, you're right about paranormal hunter causing inconvenience to the residents... I happen to live near the hill, and have been to the site a few times when time and weather permits. The history of the house on the hill just fascinates me and the family.

    Anyway, really like reading the blog. Hope there will be more updates on the topic soon.

    Cheers and take care


  4. Hi james, i did explore the mansion with my neighbours back in pees years. I am from the class of 1979. My family used to live in the kampong back then. We shifted out mid 80's. Fyi our address in the kampong is No.39 lorong Kemunchup s(3926). Hope i can retrive some kampong photo for your viewing. Can you kindly send me how the story ends? so that i can share with my cousin. Thanks!

  5. Hi Willis
    I look forward to getting your photos on your old kampong at Lor Kemunchup.
    Did you live near the Sim family or further into Bukit Gombak?
    As to the story of the mansion, it hasn't ended.......the tales keep going on...

  6. Hi James, as i can recall my neighbour is a baba family. Closer neighbour surname is Png.She used to work in lam soon factory for many many years. We are a samll teochew village. Really miss my childhood kampong days.Do drop me a mail as i would PM some info on my kampong days. Nice effort on your wonderful blog, Keep up the good work!!! Cny is near, will share this blog with my uncles & aunt. They will be astonish jus by lookin at those old photo !!! Thanks a million... Willis Ee

  7. Hi Willis
    Have sent the story of the Hillview house to you.
    Your neighbours the Pngs, were they the Catholic family? I knew a Png family who lived at Kemunchup and they used to attend St Joseph Church. I am not sure if we are referring to the same.
    When your uncles and aunt see this blog, please ask them for their photos. I am sure they would have pictures taken during their time in our estate.

  8. Hi James,

    Yes they are Catholic family, they are now staying in jurong east. WE are very close then, My dad still visit them during Cny w/o failed, How time flies.
    Will keep u posted once i gather all old photos. Thanks for your time. Cheers to u too. Willis

  9. Hi James,

    I am now living in the Bukit Batok New Town area and teaching in a tuition centre where many tutees study in Princess Elizabeth Primary. I have read about your entry regarding the 60th Jubilee dinner and I had first heard about it from my students as apparently, it was a huge event for them and even Queen Elizabeth II herself wrote the school an letter as commemoration. My brother is a history junkie himself and he was so excited when I told him about your website, since it's interesting to know about the history of our homes. I would like to know the story behind Hillview Mansion and would appreciate it if you could drop me an email at Thanks!

  10. AnonymousMay 06, 2013

    I cant believe theres a blog with valid photographs of my childhood area. Though im not that old, 24yrs if age. Ive witnessed the wrecking of those 7storey flats and etc. I was brought up in hillview ave block 14,4 & 2. Awesome blog i should say. As for the unusual happening in that photograph, let me guess. The trees and leaves take shape of some kind of skull?

  11. Is the unusual happening seen in 1st photograph??

  12. Would it be the face form by the tree or girl squatting high up in the tree. Let me know the story for the mansion if i'm right.


  13. Hi James,
    I live on Jalan Remaja, just down from where this mansion use to stand. a few months after i moved here back in 2008, one of my night walks led me up the slope and i found this strange, old looking gate. curiosity got the better of me and coupled with my thirst for beautiful views, i snuck past the rusty gates by the side and entered the site of the hillview mansion. at that time, i had no clue of this "hillview mansion", as you can imagined, by the time i got there, the mansion had been long demolished, and the landslide incident long over. no one ever spoke to me about it and i had no idea i was stepping on "haunted/paranormal" ground. I have always been visiting that place at night on lonely walks as the view is breathe taking and i can see a clear view of the stars on good nights. It is cooling and windy and nothing creepy about it. It was only when my friend recently told me about the "hillview mansion" that sparked my interests. Could it be that the place i found so calm and peaceful, where i can reflect on my thoughts and admire the beauty of my neighbourhood, actually be haunted? (or previously) I would really appreciate if you could share the story of this place as it is a very special place to me and that would mean the world to me if i understood it alittle more. my email add is

    Looking forward to your reply!


  14. hi BRo James....yes , I saw that unusual pic...
    That place...when we were little kids...we sneak up there and managed to catch a glimpse of the fireworks lit up during national Day parade...

    a very nice place with spectacular views

  15. The usual thing is on the very first photo. A person like white object stand by the side of the JCB. could well be a supervisor looking at the workers operating the JCB.

  16. I am the same Anonymous same as above.

    Photo 2 too have a human like object stand by the JCB. The only different is the contrast of the object in Photo 2 blend well into the background but not in the case of Photo 1, the transition is rather abrupt.

  17. Hi James!

    I enjoyed reading your blog posts and have been really intrigued by the story behind the Hillview mansion. Also, i can't spot the weird part in the 2nd part >.< Having a headache over it. Would u be revealing the story behind it any soon?