Monday, November 19, 2012

Photos from ex-residents (11) - More from Eddie Tan

Besides looking for his classmates, Eddie Tan is also trying to find some of his former neighbours.
Eddie lived at Blk 19 on the 3rd floor, unit #113B.

The photo shows a young malay girl standing on the left.
Her name is Esah whose family was our neighbor before the Ongs moved in.
Her parents are Hashim & Fatima who moved out to live at the artisan quarters. 
Wonder if anyone here knows them?

Rajan was my very best friend who lived next door.
We would always hang out & play together & 
I remember his mum makes the best homemade Putu Mayam, 
which I had a helping hand in pressing the dough out of a special mould.
Hopefully someone can recognise him & God willing, we may meet up again after  50 years.

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