Saturday, November 24, 2012

Green Bus No.5 at Princess Elizabeth Estate

A remarkable set of photographs taken by Mr FW York in 1955 showing the Green Bus service No. 5 within Princess Elizabeth Estate.

The bus terminus beside the primary school (right).  The terminus was not paved with bitumen but red laterite.
The trees were just saplings in those days, with the undeveloped hill at the rear.
The bus was the British Seddon model. 

The bus had just reversed backwards from its parked position and preparing to leave the terminus.
Blks 21, 20 and 23 (7-storey blk). See the hedges planted around all the grass fields.

A Green Bus No. 5 Vulcan bus passing the Hillview Circus.
On the right, the fence of the Hong Kong Rope factory and the Chinese kampong opposite.

Another Vulcan bus after passing under the girder bridge at Hillview Road.
The bus stop was at the top of this slope, just outside the gates of the Union Carbide factory.
There was another bus stop at the junction where the bus turns off Upper Bukit Timah Rd.

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More photos on the Green Bus Co No. 5 service.
No 5 bus leaving Queens Street terminus.
How many of you boys can remember using Brylcreem?

No. 5 bus after refuelling at the King Albert Park depot.
Very common occurrence, giving passengers a free whiff of diesel!

No.5 bus waiting at the Queen's Street Terminus.
The route was Queen's Street, Rohor Canal Road, Bukit Timah Road,
Upper Bukit Timah Road, Hillview Road, Princess Elizabeth Estate.

No 5 bus at Rochor Canal Road.

No 5 bus boarding passengers along Bukit Timah Road.

No 5 buses bunching up along Bukit Timah Road. As usual !


  1. The Hillview traffic circus (roundabout) is still there but the girder bridge has been removed after the Malayan Railway pull out a few months ago.

    Pot holes were frequently found at the spot to the right of the parked bicycle. This is where the red laterite surface join the bitumen road. The softer red laterite surface wore out faster than the bitumen road. Why I remembered this? I was thrown off my bicycle once going through the pot hole. Brusied my chest, knees and hands after a hard landing face down.

  2. Photo No 2 really brings a tear to my eye. I lived at that block just behind the bus terminus.
    Yummy, I can also see your house at Blk 20 but can't see your bird cage that always hanging there!
    I remember that they seldom maintained the car park and as time passed the laterite soil was washed away leaving lots of peebles and stones.