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Chronology of Princess Elizabeth Estate

This is a simple chronology in the life of Princess Elizabeth Estate, that was located at Upper Bukit Timah. It is not a verified history of the events in the area.
The purpose is for readers to add and expand on the personal experiences living in the former housing estate we all so loved.

I welcome all contributors to add to the time-line which I will update as and when I receive any additional information from you.
Even simple events, like "The Phua family of Blk 21 has new baby girl on April 7" will be welcome.
The more human interest additions we make, the better we will remember our old kampong.

Please send me your trivia, stories and especially photos if you have to : hjtann@mac.com


DATE         EVENT

10-10-47     Princess Elizabeth Wedding Fund Celebration Committee formed.
                      Mr L. Rayman, Chairman.

27-11-47     Princess Elizabeth marries Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.

12-6-48       The Princess Elizabeth Wedding Celebration Committee allocates
                     $400,000 for tender to build the 1st Princess Elizabeth Estate at Farrer Park.
                     Rejects Municipal's offer of Halesworth site on Dunearn Road in
                     favour of a larger site at Clementi Road to build the 2nd Princess Elizabeth Estate.

?-?-48          The French bank Credit Foncier d'Extreme Orient donates 12 acre
                      site at 9m.s. Bukit Timah to Princess Elizabeth Wedding Fund to build
                      100 homes and shops with modern sanitation, electricity and water supply.

16-2-50       Singapore Improvement Trust confirms names of Farrer Park flats to be
                     Princess Elizabeth Flats and the Bukit Timah site to be called Princess
                     Elizabeth Park.

17-5-51       Credit Foncier bank donates a further 5 acres for a school to be built
                     at Princess Elizabeth Park.

22-2-52       Singapore Rural Board decides the 3 road names at P.E.E. to be
                     Elizabeth Drive, Princess Anne Hill and Prince Charles Rise.
                     It rejects the SIT's proposal for Elizabeth Hill and Elizabeth Rise as
                     too confusing for the lowly educated.

28-2-52      The 100 units Artisan Quarters are ready for occupation. Monthly rent $12.50.

16-5-52      Singapore Rural Board names another two road within P.E.E. -
                     Philip Walk and Clarence Walk.

22-8-52      Singapore Rural Board gives permission for the Green Bus Co to
                     run bus service from Queen Street to P.E.E.

22-11-52     Mrs JC Lee opens the P.E.E. Community Centre at No. 8 Princess
                   Elizabeth Estate. Equipped at a cost of $500. Mr PK Menon, Secretary.

11-2-53     The Green Bus Co. begins Service No.5 from Queens Street to P.E.E.
                    Fare 40 cents.

1-9-53       Kiwi Polish (Malaya) Ltd sets up factory at the Colonial Development
                   Industrial Estate at Bukit Timah. (the future Hillview Ind Est)

2-10-53     Building works begins on Princess Elizabeth Estate School.

17-3-54     The Hong Kong Rope Manufacturing Company opens at Hillview.

10-01-55   P.E.E. School opens. Principal Mr M. Ponnusamy.

4-3-56      The Singapore Motor Club holds their Grand Prix along Hillview Avenue.

6-4-57      Chartered Bank opens its 7th branch at P.E.E. Bukit Timah Road.

1-11-58    F.E.Zuelling (M) Ltd sets up animal feed mill at 5 acre site at Hillview Avenue.

11-1-59    PEE C.C. moves from No.8 Princess Elizabeth Estate to No.101
                   Prince Charles Rise.

5-5-63      Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew lays foundation stone for new P.E.E. Community
                    Centre at Prince Charles Rise.

29-7-63      Dr Goh Keng Swee opens $2m Castrol (Far East) Ltd lubricant manufacturing plant.

12-8-63    Minister for Finance, Dr Goh Keng swee, opens Cement Aids (S) Ltd
                  cement factory at Hillview Ave.

3-3-65      Dr Goh Keng Swee opens the Cycle & Carriage car assembly plant at
                  Hillview Ave.

25-6-67    P.E.E. resident, Miss Bridget Ong Mei Lee, crowned Miss Singapore/
                  Miss Universe.

16-9-67    Parliamentary Secretary, Mr Chor Yeok Eng, officiates at balloting for
                  52 hawker pitches (shops) at new P.E.E. market at Clarence Walk.

22-11-75  HDB begins building 'Bukit Batok New Town' at Hillview Avenue
                   to serve as 'an extension to Princess Elizabeth Estate' (This was later
                   to be known as HDB Hillview Estate)

1-3-87      P.E.E. School moves to Bukit Batok New Town.
                  Changes name to Princess Elizabeth Primary School.

24-7-87    MP Bukit Batok, Mr Chai Chong Yii, officially opens the new
                  Princess Elizabeth Primary School at Bukit Batok.

18-8-89    President Wee Kim Wee opens the Red Cross Home for the
                  Disabled converted from the former P.E.E. School building.

31-8-91    Mr Ling How Doong of the opposition Singapore Democratic Party wins
                 the seat of Bukit Gombak over the incumbent Dr Seet Ai Mee, and becomes
                 MP overseeing PEE and Hillview Estates.

23-2-93    Urban Renewal Authority (URA) announces the rezoning of
                  Hillview area from Industrial Zone to Residential Zone.
                  Provides development charge waiver for factory owners to
                  convert their properties for residential use.

2-1-97   The People Action Party regains the Bukit Gombak seat in the General Election.
                  Mr Ang Moh Seng becomes MP for Bukit Gombak constituency.

23-3-99    Hillview Estate residents informed of HDB SERS resettlement plan
                  to move 1589 households to Bukit Batok New Town.

27-3-10    Red Cross Home for the Disabled relocates from the old PEES.
                  The building is mothballed.

1-12-11   Conversion begins on the old PEES building into new nursing home.
                 To be called the United Medicare Nursing Home.

Monday, November 28, 2011


I write so that the story that lives with me, will live with you as well. When a story is told, it's not forgotten; it becomes something else..the memories of who we were, the hope of what we can become. (Sarah's Key by Tatiana de Rosnay)

I used to live at this small quiet estate off Hillview Avenue and it holds lots of memories for me.
A major impetus for starting this blog was that people were starting to forget about the estate.
Whenever I ask my siblings if they remember this or that, they'll say no.
Therefore, I am trying to record as much of my own stories before all my grey cells fade away and nobody remembers the estate we all once so loved.

My ties with Princess Elizabeth Estate :
My parents moved into P.E.E. in 1953.
Lived at 126 Princess Anne Hill Singapore 23.
Born in the fifties and spent my entire childhood there.
I have 4 siblings who were all born at P.E.Estate.
Our first telephone number in 1963 was 65232.
Our first TV set bought in 1964 was a Grundig black & white TV.
Studied at Princess Elizabeth Estate School from 1960 to 1965.
Moved out to Fuyong Estate in 1969 but returned to P.E.E after a few years.
Got married at P.E.E. in the early 80s and moved out to Bukit Batok New Town in 1984.
My parents remained at P.E. Estate till 1994 when they relocated to Bukit Gombak.

I will be placing all my articles and archives on Princess Elizabeth Estate in this blog.
Readers are most welcome to contribute old photos and stories and assist with this historical memorabilia. You can click on the side bar for links to the other posts on Princess Elizabeth Estate.

Thank you for visiting my blog.
Please leave me a comment, especially if you were an ex-PEE resident.

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