Saturday, April 20, 2013

Hillview Landslide

When I started this blog, the intention was to recall, record and share old memories of the former estate.
This include any tales of places around the vicinity that I can remember.

The story of the haunted Hillview Mansion at Jalan Dermawan had attracted the most attention and hits of all the articles that are in this blog. Most of them as a result of searches for 'haunted houses in Singapore'  or similar paranormal searches. I get requests almost every week from readers wanting to know more about the demolished mansion. I have tried to reply to everyone that provided a return address.
However, I think the time has come for me to maintain the current mystic about that place. With everyone knowing the background, the mystery is lost. So from today onwards, I will not divulge any further details as to how or why the mansion became haunted. Apologies to those who can't have their curiosity assuaged.

After the mansion was abandoned, there were 2 major landslides on that property.
Once in December 2006 and again a few months later in 2007. Both landslides occurred on the same slope and affected many adjacent homes downslope.

Here is a photo of the second landslide that occurred in 2007.

The land has been stabilised by the authorities since and today the view from the top of that property is really very scenic. The land has still not been developed since the mansion was abandoned in the 1980s.
After the landslide of 2006.

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  1. AnonymousMay 27, 2013

    Nice articles. :( Too bad if i have read the article and replied earlier I might have know the reason behind the mansion. So it is a sad tale but was it ever haunted?

  2. AnonymousJuly 30, 2013

    Anyone knows who is the current owner of the plot of land could be one of the few buildings in Singapore with real "mountain support" at the back ?

  3. Although I am as intrigued as the others about the story of the mansion, I think you are right. The mystery should remain a mystery the mystic will be lost and this is what makes the mansion so special. Nice blog and keep up the good work.

  4. My pri school mate used to stay in the gated landed house property right next to the mansion. And as kids, we used to visit the mansion by crawling through the drain, under the gate. Back then, we never knew that is is haunted!

  5. AnonymousMay 08, 2015

    I used to stay at Hillview Ave from 1990 till the days all the HDB flats were to be demolish by HDB.Princess Elizabeth estates or as known Princess Elizabeth Walk and etc were the ones which has been demolished first before Hillview ave flats.Going back to the Haunted Mansion story, I personally would say that its not haunted as the Mansion used to be my playground during my childhood times with my friends.We would walk up to the hill and climb up through the gate to get in there and play around almost every week.When we got bored at the Mansion,then we would decide yo hangout around the housing estate or the community centre.I do really misses the nice foods from the indian thosai shop,the ice kacang from the friendly aunties last but not least the Malay aunty selling nasi lemak with her basket every morning in between the staircase of blk 8 and the wet market.The price of nasi lemak was just 50cent and $1.Well well...i missew everything about HILLVIEW AVENUE.

  6. Sir, please share the story behind the haunted house. I don't agree that mysteries should remain mysteries. That is an archaic philosophy. Knowledge is meant to be shared. At least to those who seek it. Thanks - I love your blog.