Wednesday, November 28, 2012

P.E.E.S Reunion (Class of 1967 - 1972)

Princess Elizabeth Estate School Class of 1967-1972 held its 40th anniversary class reunion last Saturday 24th November.
They have sent me some photographs showing the great time they had!
Thanks to Grace Chua and Moliano.

But first a message from Grace to all.....

Hi All (including the Absentees!)

We had a BLAST last night.

I hope most of you managed to rekindle old ties, exchange numbers and stay in close touch again.
As the saying goes...

Old Friends are like Diamonds ; Precious & Rare!

The night ended at 10.45 pm and spilled over to 1am at the poolside..

Everyone went home w at least one gift. Mostly with two. The luckier ones with three. All made possible by generous sponsors. Thank you! thank you!

There were games that brought us back to 1972... like 0-be-som n lom jiam pas !

The 'kids' went crazy!

We jammed the night away with songs from our era. Country Road, Beautiful Sunday and heated up to Hey Jude & Venus. Many jumped to their feet in rhythm to the beat! With loud speakers, rock guitarist, amateur tambourin-a n cajorn-a..real concert - Led by Mol !

Not forgetting, we had volunteers too-

Guest Relations Officers - Beatrice & Fiona Yeo
photographer (Mols Son) & projectionist (Gary). Thank you!

Finally , the moment everyone was waiting for...... the grand prize went to ... (Drumroll please)..... appropriately from the one who flew the Red flag .. to his target object..    Wong Mun Yee ... !!

Rafie gave out the prize via teleconference.

It all ended with the finale song. YOU VE GOT A FRIEND.

Thanks again to all for making the night an evenFUL one!

Without all of your presence this would not have been possible.

Warmest Wishes

Blessed Christmas to All!


  1. It'll be wonderful if someone could send me an old class group photo to add here!

  2. Hey, I recognise Serena Chu Hai Yan! She was my neighbour at Fuyong Estate.

  3. Hi James.. are you Tann Yen's son?
    You have a fantastic blog!
    Thanks for posting us on your blog.!
    & yes that is hai yann.

    1. Hi Grace,
      Thanks for visiting my blog & yr kind compliments.
      Yup, my dad was Tann Yean, a close friend of yr dad!
      I am happy to post yr reunion on behalf of Moliano. In fact anything connected to our old estate or school I'll be happy to add here. Keep your comments coming and do tell yr old PEE friends, I mean, former PEE, ahem.

  4. Hi James..
    Thank you v much for posting our class reunion at ur blog, as grace write to us earlier that ur blog make all of us famous..!!
    Hai Yann told me that she knows you too, you stay opposite her hse.

    Once again James.. Our heartfelt thks to you for putting us up in ur blog.


  5. I recognize a few faces: Grace Tan, Grace Chua, Gary, Rachel?