Monday, February 6, 2012

Luminaries from Princess Elizabeth Estate

Despite being a small village of about 200 households, Princess Elizabeth Estate and its primary school, P.E.E.S., had over the years produced a number of luminaries worth mentioning.

I have collected some of their photos, and hope that readers who have some or know of ex-PEE or PEES people who have made a name for themselves locally or internationally would help to contribute to this section. This page is by no means complete yet. 

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Edmund Wee lived at the artisan quarters and studied at P.E.E.School.
Edmund is currently the Creative and Managing Director of Epigram Pte Ltd.

The band boys from Princess Elizabeth Estate.
L-R: John Ali, Lim Thian Soon, Ernie Koh, Richard D'Silva, John Chan.

From Princess to Queen.
Princess girl Bridget Ong Mei Li was Miss Singapore/Universe in 1967.
* Please see comments below regarding Bridget/Lily Ong.

Mr Raphael Gonzales
PAP MP for Serangoon Gardens 1963.
Mr Gonzales lived at Blk 22 #130.

Kwan Peck Leng (left)
Graduated PEES in 1964.
Prominent childhood educator in Singapore
Was MD of Yamaha Music and currently at Crestar Education Group 

PEES girl Debbie Phua was a popular singer
who made a name for herself on the local and regional entertainment circuit.
Debbie lived at Blk 21 #124B

Tan Boon Huat
Lived at Blk 23
Graduated top in Senior Cambridge Exams
Prominent civil servant.
Was former Chief Exec Director of People Association.
Former Elections Returning Officer at Elections Dept.

Tan Jee Peng was my classmate 1962-1967.
Was always 1st in class and went to RGS after PEES.
She is an Advisor for the World Bank at the United Nations.
Her father owned the Jin Ho Bakery at Chun Tin Road, Beauty World.

Thomas See was the President's Scholar in 1978,
Thomas  See lived at Blk 20 #122B

"Papa Rock" - Ramli Sarip
Famous local rock star with the band Sweet Charity,
graduated from PEES in 1965.
This was Ramli Sarip when he was just starting out.
Ramli (standing) lived at Fuyong Estate and started his band
whilst at Jalan Teck Whye Secondary School

Rock guitarist Moliano Rasmadi
was with the band Lovehunters.
Graduated from PEES in 1972.

Sojuno lived at Blk 23 and was the keyboardist for the band Sweet Charity.
Asst Prof Lingaraj Krishna was in the last batch at PEES in 1986
(before PEES relocated to Bukit Batok)
Currently Consultant  and Assc Program Director at NUH.
His mother Mrs Krishna was a well loved teacher at PEES.

Sahorah Bte Ahmat was the Legislative Assembly member
elected to the Siglap constituency in 1961.
He was a housewife and political activist who lived at Blk 24.

Anyone has a photo of ex National Footballer, E Shanmugaratnam? He's an ex-PEE boy.

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  1. In other words, PEE is a place where there were Crouching Tigers and Hidden Dragons (卧虎藏龙).

  2. I received an email from James Ong who clarified that his sister Bridget Ong was also known as Lily Ong when they lived at Princess Elizabeth Estate. Thanks. This clarifies why reader D. had earlier mentioned that Lily Ong was Miss Singapore 1967.

  3. Hi Uncle James,

    I am not sure if you know about this. The Pest Infested will be performing in the Mosaic Music Festival.
    at the Esplanade Outdoor Theatre. I would like to catch this legendary band in action!


    1. Thanks for the heads up! Maybe I'll try and go snap some photos of them.

  4. not too sure but I think they will be missing their main man, ie the lead guitarist Alam Shah??