Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A rural estate with modern sanitation!

Following up on my earlier blog about the septic tanks, I recalled something quite humorous.

As I mentioned, all the homes at Princess Elizabeth Estate came with a flush toilet system.
The WC flush in those days, though considered a very modern sanitary appliance then, was not all that efficient . It was made of cast iron with a metal chain for you to pull. But it didn't work very well.

A cast iron WC. The type that was fitted to the PEE flats.

I guess the mechanisms were just not so well built in those days.
You had to pull the chain a number of times to get the flush to work.
And because it was made of cast iron, it created a lot of noise each time you pulled the chain!
Klong, klong klong, klong, flush!
It was so funny because every morning you could hear all your neighbours going through the same routine. It was the morning alarm clock for the entire block.

The flush was so unreliable that my dad had a water hose installed in the toilet and at times we rather use the hose than the flush. I remembered finally my dad gave up and replaced it with a new porcelain toilet flush after the old cast iron one simply wouldn't cooperate any more.

Our new flush looked exactly like this one.

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