Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Class of 1979 at PEES

 The following photos were all taken in 1979. If you were studying at P.E.E.S. 33 years ago, you would be in one of these pictures. Do drop a line and tell us of your days at the old school.
Click on the photos for a detailed view.
Princess Elizabeth Estate School



Cadet Scouts 1403 Pack

Red Cross

Badminton Team

Sepak Takraw Team

Table Tennis Team
Primary 1A. Mrs Wendy N Bava.

Primary 1B. Mrs Jane Pereira.

Primary 1C. Mrs K Krishna.

Primary 1D. Ms Lim Choon Hui.

Primary 2A. Ms Loi Sok Khiang.

Primary 2B. Mrs Chan Yuet Sim.

Primary 2C. Mrs Ng Ko Kim.

Primary 2D. Mrs Elizabeth Cherian.
Primary 3A. Mr Ho Kam Loong.

Primary 3B. Mdm Khew Kang Nyong.

Primary 3C. Mrs Mary Anne Koh.

Primary 3D. Mr Chua Koon Kok.

Primary 3E. Mr Ooi Kew Ghee.
Primary 4A.  Ms Hasiave Abdullah.

Primary 4B. Mr Mohd Fadzuli Bajuri.

BC4. Mr Tay Whye Urn.

Primary 4C. Mr Robert Yeo.

Primary 4D. Mrs P Pancharatnam.

Primary 5A.  Ms Agnes Lim

Primary 5B.  Ms Alus Zam Zam

Primary 5C.  Mrs K Kannan.

Primary 5D.  Mr Liow Poh Yong.
Primary 6A.  Mrs M Dairianathan.

Primary 6B.  Mr Said Talib.

Primary 6C.  Mr Yeo Kian Ho.

Primary 6D.  Ms Hoon Sow Leng.

Primary 6E.  Mr Tirlok Singh.

Primary 6F.  Mr Jimmy Tan Cheng Kwang.

Photos of the school teaching staff and the school band are located in another blog here.


  1. Hello James,

    It is quite possible that my youngest brother is one of the pictures. He was in Primary 6 in 1979 but the pic is not quite clear. I'll try to email him this post of yours and see if he can confirm.

    What I'm sure however, are pics of some of the teachers who taught me while I was there : Mrs Pancharatnam, Mrs Cherian, Mr Ooi, Mrs Mary Koh, Miss Hoon and Cikgu Fadzuli. The Principal at that time was Mr P. Maideen.

    Cikgu Fadzuli now stays in Jurong East, I think and I met him quite recently at a family wedding.

    Thanks for putting up this post. Brings back a lot of memories.

    1. I second that, I saw Cikgu Fadzuli at a mosque in Jurong East too

  2. Hi James, yes, I am the boy in the sepak takraw team - standing first from right. Next to me is Solman Erpah. The boy squatting in front of the Cikgu is Khamsani Selamat, our neighbour at Blk 13. Squatting 1st from left is Sulaiman. I cant remember the names of the rest. And I was in 6A as well.

    Definitely brings back memories. Thanks for sharing. - Shahrin Ismaiyatim

  3. Sorry, its actually Khamsari Selamat

  4. Shirley HoApril 02, 2012

    Hi James,

    I think I was one of the girls in the 1979 Pri 4C photo but I'm not certain. I was in PEES for 4 years before I moved out of the estate (I used to live in Jalan Remaja). I remember Mr Robert Yeo and I recognised a classmate, Suzanna, from the photo. Do you have all the students' names in the 1979 Pri 4C photo to verify that one of the girls was indeed me (ya, it was kinda difficult to recognise myself :O).

    It's a wonderful blog, James, thank you!

  5. Hi Shirley,

    I don't have the names of the pupils in the photos above.
    Just point out which row position you are at and maybe someone (your ex-classmates, perhaps?) reading this post will be able to identify you. If you have some of your old photos from Princess, do send it to me and I'll share it with all here

  6. 1403 - that's the number for our cub scout - and you know how I remember this number - 1403 is the year Parameswara founded Melaka! And back in the 1960s, quite a lucky number - my mum struck 4D a few times with that number! And Mr Tirlok Singh was my form teacher in Pri 4A (1967)

    1. Yum Shoen KengJuly 22, 2012

      Mr Tirlok Singh was also my 4A form teacher in 1971 and the Badminton Master till I left PEES. By far the best teacher i have got....Just wondering is he still around...

    2. Is your brother Yum Shoen Liang? He was in 6A when I was in 5A. I remember I was enamoured with a wooden rifle he once made and he let me play with it for a few short hours. However, I never met/heard of his younger brother...
      I also have fond memories of Mr Tirlok Singh though he was never my form teacher.

  7. I saw me!! P3B :)

  8. Dear James,

    Thank you very much for your superb work in documenting the old times at Princess Elizabeth Estate School. I was in Mrs Agnes Lim's class 5A of 1979 (12th student, back row of photo). Reminiscing the good old times, I have fond memories of my time at PEES. I am very grateful to all my teachers for helping me all those years ago. Some of these teachers include Mrs Lim, Mr Ooi, Mdm Khew, Mr Liow, Mr Tan, Ms Hoon (Mrs Ho), Mr Chua, Mr Yeo, Mrs Kannan, Mrs Koh, Mrs Bava and Ms Lim.
    My life is very different now. I live more than 5000 km away in Australia. I work as a surgeon and have 4 kids. Some of my kids go to a local school not too dissimilar from PEES.
    Thank you once again for your great website.

    With kind regards,
    Chiam Heng Chin

  9. Does anyone remember the caretaker Hashim? I seem to recall that he used to live in a wooden house in the school premises itself, with his family. My mom taught at PEES.

  10. Nice to see these pics. I was a student in PEPS from 1994 - 1999. Cikgu Alus & Cikgu Fadzuli were still teaching around that time!

  11. Mr Tirlok Singh is still staying at Marsiling, you may find him in the facebook.

  12. Nice Blog. I see myself in 4B class photo. Sadly we have all lost contact except for my best buddy, Moses Teng. Just shared the blog with him.

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  14. Hello Boon Siong,
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