Sunday, February 26, 2012

Photos from ex-residents. (3)

I am really encouraged and appreciate the responses from readers to this blog.
I recently received 2 photographs from ex-residents of Princess Elizabeth Estate.

The first is from Anne Moss who used to live at 126A Princess Anne Hill.

The photo is of an event most probably held at the primary school in the late 1950s.
(Blackboard in the background and guests sitting on staff chairs)
Only a few in the group have been identified and if you recognise any one else, I would be most pleased to hear from you.

The gentleman seated 3rd from right is Mr Ponnusamy, the first Principal (1952-1959) of PEE School.
Anne's parents, Mr & Mrs Moss, are on the extreme right (seated and standing behind)
Front row seated extreme left is Mr Barkar. Standing back row 3rd from left is Mr Lawrence Chia.
Gentleman in gray suit in the middle standing is Dr Raja from the Raja Clinic.
The bibik in the kebaya, 2nd from left) is Mrs Ong Thye Watt with Mr Ong standing behind (in grey suit)

This 2nd photo is from Brenda Phua, taken on the day of their 1st Holy Communion.
Photo was taken at the verandah of their flat.

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