Sunday, February 12, 2012

Photos from ex-residents (2) - Mohd Fadhil.

Since starting my Princess Elizabeth blog last year, I have been encouraged by a lot of ex-residents who have emailed me and some who have sent me their old photos. I am so glad to be able to assist all in recalling their happy days at the old estate. I have received emails from ex-residents from USA, Canada, Australia, Malaysia, The Netherlands and of course locally from Singapore.

Latest is a contribution from  Mohd Fadhil Ismaiyatim.
Mohd Fadhil Ismayaitim and his family used to live at Blk 13 which was located at the junction of Elizabeth Drive and Hillview Avenue. He and his siblings also studied at PEES. He now resides in Malaysia but visits his relatives often in Singapore.

Mohd Fadhil is an avid blogger in Malaysia and also an excellent photographer and hopefully will send us some of his works. I will list his blog address once I have his okay to do that.

He has sent me a picture of his younger brother Azhar taken in front of the block where they lived.
He mentioned that his blk was the one that had the famous signboard commemorating the gift of P.E. Estate to Princess Elizabeth on her wedding.
Like me when I discovered how tiny the PEES school field really was, he also said that the tiny field in front of his Blk 13 seem huge in his young days! hee hee.

Mohd Fadhil's younger brother Azhar at the huge field in front of Blk 13.
The row of houses in the background is Blk 14.


  1. Hi James,

    Sorry it took me a while to drop by here. Wah... my brother's pic looks bigger here than in my own blog, hehe. He'd be surprised to know his toddler photo is up in blogosphere. He lives in Choa Chu Kang, by the way.

    Feel free to list my blog address. I'm happy to know someone is writing about our old estate and our old school. Just to let you know, one of your readers read this post, googled my name and sent me an email. He was my classmate from PEES. Now isn't that wonderful...

  2. Hi Mohd Fadhil,

    That's wonderful !
    It feels good to have ex-PEE friends getting together after reading my blog.
    This was one of the reasons why I started this blog.

    Mohd Fadhil's blog is at