Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Hillview seen from Bukit Timah Hill

I found an old picture of the Hillview/Bukit Gombak area taken around the late 1960s.
Unfortunately, the quality is not too good but several landmarks can be seen.
This was taken from Bukit Timah Hill just behind the malay kampong (foreground) at Fuyong Estate.

Click on photo for an enlarged view.

A. Princess Elizabeth Estate
B. RAF radar station on Bukit Gombak summit.
C. Popular Estate. (Jalan Zamrud/Intan/Batu Nilam)
D. Bukit Gombak slope being cleared for building of Bamboo Grove Park
E. Rheem Hume (Hume Industries)
F. KTM railway truss bridge over Upper Bukit Timah Road.
G. Fuyong Estate (fronted today by Rail Mall)
H. Union Carbide (Eveready battery) factory

Directly under letter 'D' is a tall white structure which was a windmill at Hume Industries.

Bukit Gombak below the radar station was not as forested as it is today.
There were many small farms on the slope of Bukit Gombak in 1970.

The rubber trees above 'D' still exist today but is now within the Mindef security fence.
It may the the last remnant of a rubber estate found in Singapore.

In the foreground of the photo is the malay kampong at Lorong Chamar which was behind Fuyong Estate. There were several tracks that led up to Bukit Timah summit from here (May still be there today).

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  1. Thanks. Great detective work. If I come across any old photos of this place, I will let you know.

  2. Thanks Chun See. You can from this picture that Bukit Gombak used to be quite bare at the summit. That was why your British army friend Gordan Carle managed to take photos of the Bukit Panjang surroundings so clearly. I guess today the 'Then and Now' photos would be completely obscured by trees in comparison to the photos you posted on your blog.