Wednesday, August 29, 2012

School Magazine of 1962

Princess Elizabeth Estate School produced its first annual school magazine in 1962.
It became the forerunner for the usual format of subsequent annual magazines, with photos of staff, students, sports events and compositions by students.

The following is a sampling of what was in the first issue.

The School Staff (Sch I & Sch II)

Back (L-R): Mr Chua Poon Guan, Mr KL Venugopalan, Mr Foo Hoe Han, Mr C Seevaratnam, Mr R Sittampalam,
Mr Tan Cheng Kwang, Mr Peter Sundra, Mr Mohd Yazid Pilus, Mr Siow Chair Yuan, Mr Wang Ah Soon,
Mr R Dorairaj.

Centre (L-R): Miss EP Ortega, Miss Koo Woon Chan, Miss N Santha Bai, Miss Christine Chew, Miss Chew Yong Hwi, Miss Yong Lai Chue, Miss Cheng Sock Chou, Miss Hong Hong Tee, Miss C Armstrong, Miss Tan Chey Joo,
Miss Noraini Ismail, Miss Foo Ngin Kiow, Mr Koh Soon Chua.

Front (L-R): Mrs Irene Chee, Mrs R Brampy, Miss Tan Gek Eng, Mr Bernard Fernandez (Sr Teacher Sch II),
Mr G Catherasoo (Principal), Mr J Aeria (Sr Teacher Sch I), Mrs P Pancharatnam, Mrs K Lee Yin Oi, Mrs Wong Noi Hor

Primary 6A (Sch I)

Primary 6A (Sch II)

Primary 6B (Sch II)

Primary 6B (Sch I)

Primary 6C (Sch I)

Compositions by students.....

More photos...
I remembered this Garden was entirely covered with mud flowing from
the development of the housing estate and was off limits to all around 1965.
P.E.lesson at the school field.

Sports Day march past at the estate football field.
In this magazine, I also discovered something surprising which I didn't know till now.
It was from the reports about the Sport Houses. I will share this with you in a future post.


  1. I remember a James Aeriel that was teaching during these period. Wonder why he was not in the school staff picture

  2. He is on the left of the Principal, 4th from the right, front row.

  3. During my time, P1 in 1964, Mr Sittampalam would come to school in Mrs Lee Siew Choh's yellow car. One day his baggy trousers was caught in something as he got out and there was a small tear, so he held on to it and went into the Common Room, presumably to have it sew. Miss C Armstrong was my P1 form teacher - I remember her as a tall, slim, very beautiful lady - good reason to look forward to school. She also don't mete out corporal punishment or scold us. One day, she sent me to see Mrs Lee to fetch something (to this day, I don't know what) but I did not know what she wanted, so I went downstairs, knocked on the door and said "My teacher wish to see you" (our class was 2nd storey, slightly above the Principal's office. Mrs Lee's class was 1st storey on the left side of the building.) Mrs Lee followed me upstairs, only to encounter a surprised Ms Armstrong who explained something to her. They both laughed. I got a hug from Mrs Lee before being sent back to my seat. To this day, I still don't know what Miss Armstrong sent me down for. Corporal punishments, books flying out the 3rd storey windows were to come much later in my upper primary years. When I was in P6, I saw my classmate's fountain pen thrown out the window by the teacher - cannot remember the teacher's name - think he taught us Maths. Imagine those days when money is very hard to come by and you have an expensive fountain pen thrown out. We did not manage to recover it. (Every time one of the items was thrown out, some of us will rush to the back after dismissal to help each other recover them.)