Friday, August 3, 2012

Roll call for ex-PEE residents

I am grateful to my friend Peter Chan who took the trouble to source and scan for me a copy of the blueprint of Princess Elizabeth Estate as was drawn up by S.I.T. in 1951.
Here it is, followed by an aerial view of the same location taken in 1958.

Notable differences you can observe from the plan of 1951 to the finished estate would be the addition of the 2 blocks of 7-storey flats, with Elizabeth Drive extended to these 2 blocks.
The primary school was built in 1955 which was a later addition to the estate.
There were 2 badminton courts instead of the 3 planned (site of the future community centre in 1963).
The open space in front of Blk 21 was given to a car park and the Green Bus terminus.

Roll Call
In appreciation for what Peter had done for me, I was thinking that it would be such a shame if you were just to browse and look at the above pictures as just an illustration.
Thus, to make it more meaningful, I would like do a roll call of everyone who used to live there and who has visited this blog.

I know a lot of ex-residents can't remember the block number or even house number.
Once we get the ball rolling, hopefully the details will help to jog the memory for others.
I am hoping ex-residents will recall neighbours and re-connect through this blog.

To give you a head start, I will list the house number according to the blocks.
Some will recall that block numbers were only introduced in the late 60s so earlier residents may only know house numbers.

Artisan Quarters (single storey)
Clarence Walk
Blk 1 -   #1 to #3 (shophouses)
Blk 2 -   #4 to #11 (shophouses)
Blk 3 -   #12 to #14 (shophouses)
Blk 4 -   
Blk 5 -   
Blk 6 -   
Blk 7 -   
Blk 8 -   

Philip Walk
Blk 9 -    (facing goal post)
Blk 10 -  (beside football field)
Blk 11 -  (beside football field)
Blk 12 -  (facing goal post)

Elizabeth Drive
Blk 13 -  (junction of Elizabeth Drive & Hillview Ave)
Blk 14 - 
Blk 15 - 

Prince Charles Rise
Blk 16 - #99 to #102 (Single storey shophouses)

3-storey units (#01- #03-xxx or A/B for 2nd & 3rd floors)
Blk 17 - #103 to #106 
Blk 18 - #107 to #110

Princess Anne Hill
Blk 19 - #111 to #116
Blk 20 - #117 to #122
Blk 21 - #123 to #126 (facing bus terminus)
Blk 22 - #127 to #130 (beside PEES)

7-story units (#01- 07 or A-F)
Elizabeth Drive
Blk 23 - #131 to #136
Blk 24 - #137 to #142.

I will begin the roll call by adding my own family names.
You can add to it using the comment box.
Please note that before you send the comment you can select "Comment as: " please select Name/URL and type in your NAME, (you do not need to type a URL) - please do not select Anonymous if possible.

ROLL CALL for ex-Princess Elizabeth Estate Residents.

Blk 21 #01-126.
Tann Family. Parents Yean & Agnes. Siblings Stephanie, James, Joanne, Jeanette & Susan.
1953 to 1995.


  1. Blk 20 121B Princess Ann Hill
    Yum Family - Parent Hon Chong (deceased) and Poh Lin Sibling Shoen Yih, Shoen Liang, Shoen Li, Shoen keng

    Blk 20 122B Princess Ann Hill
    See Family - Joseph & Elizabeth (both deceased) Children Francis, catherine, Thomas, Grace, Anthony, Margaret, Magdalene

    Blk 17 104 or 105B
    Wong Family - Ah Soo n ?? Children Yoke Peng, Chee Hong, Kit Peng, Pei Pei.

  2. Arthur LeeAugust 04, 2012

    Blk 22, #02-128
    Lee Family
    Parents : Lee Chin Keong (Deceased ), Ng Moi Kia,
    Siblings : Lee Chee Kin, Lee Chee Wee

  3. Hi James,

    Sorry I have not been visiting this blog for quite some time. Nice to see that you have added more stories along the way. Sure brings back a lot of memories.

    We used to stay at Block 13, Elizabeth Drive. House number was 21. Postal code was 2366. My father is Isma Yatim Bin Hj. Ramli, ex Ford Motor employee.

  4. Hi james, I live at Blk 5 Clarence Walk #01-32. and may grandparents stay Blk 10 philip walk #01-59. So maybe the unit above may not be correct

  5. Hi Anon,

    Yes, I think the sequence between Blk 4 to Blk 15 is incorrect, i,e, the house numbers.
    I am not very sure of the sequence and I just followed the block numbers and added the numbers sequentially.

    But from Blk 16 onwards is correct.
    What are the correct unit numbers in your blk 5?

  6. I am removing the house numbers from the list above due to incorrect numbering of some units.
    If anyone is aware of the correct numbers in each block pls email me and I'll make the corrections. Thanks

  7. Hi James,
    My sister who now lives in Perth, Australia chanced upon your blog recently. She sent me your link & I must say thank you very much for bringing us down memory lane.
    My family moved out in 1968 after I finished my PSLE at Princess Elizabeth Sch. I can't remember which blk. we stayed but based on your map it should be 19 & my mum only remembered our address which was 113B.

    Blk. 19, 113B Princess Anne Hill
    Tan family
    Parents: Tan Kim Huat & Puey Chye Neo
    Only sister : Gracie
    Myself : Eddie
    1956 - 1968

    Thanks once again & God Bless,

    Eddie Tan

  8. Hi Eddie,
    Name is Chew Wah Meng.
    Address was 111A Block 19
    Brothers: Johnny,wah heng, ah wong, robert,
    sisters: alice, annie and Lily
    We were living in blk 15 No 96 before moving to 111A sometime between 1970 to 1974
    my neighbour 97 used to be a goldsmith and No 98 was the wayudi family with boys name jumat, arshad, ronnie, alfarad(chopek), and girls rohani and ruby

    1. Hi Meng, you must be Amos. This is Chuck from block 17 in front of the CC. Drop me a mail please : Lot of cathching up with you!!!
      Warm Regards

  9. When I was born(1956) my family, my grandmother (neighbour called her Bi-Bi) and 2 uncles we lived together at Blk 8,48 Clarence Walk. The family name is Chew. My dad's eldest brother and his family and my grandmother's sister-in-law and her family lives at Block 10 (The 2nd and 3th last houses(their houses nearest to us). My dad was a policeman and the police station was at 10 milestone, hence my mom was known as "mata shou". My mom used to do housekeeping for an English family at Fu-Yong Estate. My eldest uncle's wife was a washer woman for families living at the 3-storey flats. My family moved out of my grandmother's place in 1965 to Taman Jurong but I have alway kept going back to visit my grandmother and plus I went to study at Chestnut Drive Sec. School(1969-1972).

  10. Hi James, our unit was the last 2nd house (nearest to Blk 10). My grandmother's place was in one of your old photo. That was an older picture, we have created a garden in front of the house with an enclosure for my uncle's orchids.

  11. I can't remember our house number in Blk 20 but the See and Yum families lived at the top floor of the SW half of the Block. The See Family - Mr & Mrs Joseph See (both deceased), Francis, Catherine, Thomas, Grace, Anthony, Margaret & Magdalene. The Yum family - Mr Yum Hon Chong (deceased), Mrs Yum HC, Shoen Yih, S. Liang, S. Li & S. Keng. The Wong Soo family lived at Blk 17. Mr Wong Soo is also deceased.

  12. Yumsy. Your house was no. 121B, while the See family next to you was 122B Princess Anne Hill.

  13. We were staying at Blk 19 116B from 1976 - 1985. In our early teens used to cycle and play badminton under the block and also soccer. Later on used to enjoy the soccer games at the field.

    Edmund D'Cruz