Thursday, August 2, 2012

Be my Guest.

I have been running this heritage blog for the past 8 months.
When I began it, the original purpose was to record as much as I can remember about living at Princess Elizabeth Estate.

Initially, I expected that only a few people would have an interest here, being so specific on topics related only to the small tiny estate. But over the past eight months, I have been encouraged to continue by readers who sent kind comments and words of thanks and rooting for me to continue. I will definitely continue to add to the blog from my own memories as far as I can.

One thing I have come to realize is that a lot of you have added bits and pieces of your own experiences living there through your comments. 
You have a lot of things that I cannot know unless you tell. 
It would be a shame if all your personal stories are not shared. 
I can only remember so much from my own perspective and I am not getting any younger!

And so the time has come for me to open up my blog for everyone who has had some previous connection, no matter how insignificant, to Princess Elizabeth Estate. 
You may have been an ex-resident, or have friends who lived there. 
You could have just heard about it from someone….

I invite you to become a Guest Blogger on Princess Elizabeth Estate: memories of my old home village.

How do you become a Guest Blogger?
Simply tell your story in your own personal way.
You definitely do not need to be so long winded like me!
Even snippets of your experiences there, things you heard about the place, your time at school if you were from PEES, etc. 
It would be even nicer to share some pictures if you find them but don’t let the lack of a photo deter you from telling your story. 
It does not have to be focused only on PEE. It can be anything you wish to share with us.

Send this to my email ( and I will publish your article as a Guest Blogger.
You may use a pseudonym, or may ask that you be partially identified, or not at all.
Of course, I would like to know who you are.

I will not ‘change’ your stories and I hope that you will oblige by following some common sense courtesies like no profanity, libelous statements or defaming others. After all, as ‘publisher’ I will become jointly responsible as well. But I would like to reserve the right to make small edits if necessary. I hope you will give me your understanding on this.

Let’s all band together to remember that tiny estate that we all have so much fond memories of.  
Only we can do that. If we don’t do that, nobody will and all will be lost in time.
Let people remember for posterity that there was once a beautiful place called Princess Elizabeth Estate.

Guest Bloggers
Grace Seah

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