Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Photos from ex-residents (5) - Anne Duncan

This morning when I opened my email, it felt like I won the lottery!

An email from Anne Duncan in Australia came with a whole bunch of vintage photos that will always be treasured, especially by me. Why? They were photos of me! I would never have seen these pictures if not for this blog. Thank you Anne.

Here they are:-

Picture taken outside PEES gate beside the school fence.
L-R: (front) June Moss, Stephenie Tann, Anne Moss, Betty Lee
(back) Me, Junior Moss, Ian Hogan

This photo would have been taken around 1960.
L-R: Me, Ian Hogan, Gerrard Moss (Junior)
Ian was younger than me but I was always bullied by him!
The 4 Princesses - Anne, Betty, Steph & June
The Kindergarten at the old Community Centre. (Blk 16 shophouse)
On the left, Ian Moss & Glen Hogan.
(If you recognise any of these children, do email me.)
Anne & June in front of my house (#126, right)
They lived at the unit above me (#126A).
In the background, PEE School and the hill where Bamboo Grove Park
and Popular Estates would later be built.
PEES Sports Day 1960 at the school field.
Sportsmaster Mr Venugoplan standing on the left (in white).
Anne waiting for her turn in the relay race standing beside Miss Pat Ortega.

Anne also sent another copy of this picture, of which a similar pose can be found in an earlier article.
This is the group photo of parents and teachers taken at Princess Elizabeth Estate School with Mr M. Ponnusamy, the 1st Principal of PEES (centre, in white).

There's a bunch of other photos as well and I will be using these in some articles that I will be writing soon. Check back again soon for these!

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