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Bro Roger Photo Collection (4) - St Joseph Church Bukit Timah

Bro. Roger has lived at Boy's Town since 1953.
As Boy's Town is located just beside the parish church of St Joseph at Bukit Timah, he was witness to the demolition of the 1905 church building and the re-building of the present church.

St Joseph Church just before the demolition in 1963.
The church was built in 1905 replacing the original wooden/brick church of 1853.

As the new church would sit on the same plot of land, it was constructed firstly behind the old church.
When the partly constructed church was ready, the transept used for services while the old church was demolished to build the main church hall. This picture shows the old and new portions of the church in 1963.

Fr. Joachim Teng rebuilt St Joseph Church in 1965. New renovations were added in 2010.
(Photo: ©James Tann 2012)

(Source: Fr Rene Challet MEP)
This was the original wooden/brick Church of St Joseph built in 1853 by French missionaries.
The church was built on a hillock at 9-1/2 ms (16km) Bukit Timah Road on land
bought from the English East India Company.
From 1846 to 1853, St Joseph operated from a small chapel at Bokokang Village in Kranji.

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  1. The first and only time I went to this church was when I was best man for a friend's wedding; maybe late 70s.