Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Wrong Note

Hillview alive with the sound of music (4)

Peter Chua used to live at the 3-storey block of flats just beside the community centre (blk 17).
At PEE, he started a boy band called The Jumping Jades, comprising himself with the 3 D'Silva brothers, Alex, Richard and Kenny. However, the band broke up later as they had to focus on their school studies. (Richard D'Silva later went on to join the Pest Infested.)

Peter, now in his young 60s, formed another band called The Wrong Note. 
Even though Princess Elizabeth Estate is just a memory for us, Peter's band The Wrong Note is still performing today!

The Wrong Note with Peter Chua (in red shirt).

I was emailing around some ex-PEE residents trying to get Peter's contact.
I asked my friend Tony Cheong for some snippets about the Wrong Note and Tony told me that Peter  was instrumental in getting him on the road towards being a musician.

Back in the Princess days, Peter would spent hours with Tony's family playing on his guitar and having singing sessions with them. Eventually, greatly influenced by Peter's enthusiasm, Tony learnt the guitar and would go on to join the band, Pest Infested.

Through the old PEE network I finally managed to reach Peter Chua and he gave me this information about his current band, The Wrong Note.

The Wrong Note started playing together "just for fun" in January 2011. 
Within a few weeks they decided to be more more serious and began to practice regularly. Every member of this band had been involved playing professionally  or semi-professionally at one time or another many years ago.
Each member sings and harmonises to complement each other to produce good music for your listening pleasure and dancing.

The members of the Wrong Note are:
Paul Shankar - bass guitarist, who once played for the Duke in the 60s. He is a retired Sr. Teacher
Kelly Tan - rhythm guitar, who plays now and then with the band Locomotion. 
John Cher - He used to play for a band in 60s as well (cant remember the band's name)
Alvin Tan - Keyboardist (He's a civil servant currently )

As I mentioned, Peter's band The Wrong Note is still performing today.
We are lucky as they have uploaded many of their performances to Youtube.
You can listen to Peter's band on his Youtube channel here.

Here is a short clip from The Wrong Note.

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