Wednesday, December 21, 2011

New signs of life at the old P.E.Estate.

After many years of lying dormant, the land that was formerly Princess Elizabeth Estate appears to be awakening with some signs of more developments coming up.

The Hillview area had been earmarked since 1993 by the government's URA for condominium residential development. After the rezoning, all the industrial factory owners were encouraged to develop their land into residential properties or relocate. At present, there are about 15 condominiums already completed along Hillview Avenue.

The latest, now on show and slated for completion in 2016, is The Hillier, a residential and commercial complex. This new condo will be built on the former Hillview Estate site and not at the old P.E.E location. Their showflat is currently on view at the old PEE site.

The Hillier showflat on the old PEE site on Hillview Avenue.

The Hillier complex

The Hillier's commercial area will be called hillV2.
It will be only a matter of time before the ex-PEE land will see new condominium highrises.
It will be interesting to see what 'Educational Institution' will be built at the earmarked area at the junction of Hillview Ave and Elizabeth Drive. Looks to be a very big plot. See the Singapore Master Plan 2008 for the Hillview area below.

The old Princess Elizabeth Estate School is now being refurbished into the new United Medicare Nursing Home. It is slated to begin operations by June 2012. However, if you see the Master Plan 2008 above, the plot where the old school lies is also under 'residential'. So I expect that the lease for the nursing home is only temporary.

The old PEES being refurbished. Dec 2011.

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