Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Photos from ex-residents (1) - Brenda Low.

Brenda Low was my neighbour who lived a few houses away from me. She now resides in Australia.
Here are some treasures she sent me. Thanks so much Brenda.

These were taken when we were kids (duh, it's obvious isn't it?)
She thinks it was actually taken at my home and not hers, but we're not too sure about that.
The other photo is from her Primary One days at PEES.
We are still working on trying to identify all of them.
If you recognise anyone, we'd be most pleased to hear from you.

L-R, Back row: Leong Chee Hong, June Moss, Brenda Phua, Steph, Anne Moss, Junior, James
Middle row: Betty, Indira, Siew Quen, Freda Wee, Debbie
Front: Bu Jong, Sau Kin, Joanne, Janet,  Yuh Mei

Miss Pat Ortega's Primary One Class of 1960.

L-R: Back row.  Lee Ki Fu, Wong Chin Yau, Baharuddin, ------, -------, -------, Jamilah, Elaine Yau, Prikpal Kaur, Anne Moss,, ------, Brenda Phua, Chua Sok Yong

Centre row:     Lee Heng, Ernest Wee, Faridah, Lilian Lim (red riding hood), Kamalan (grandma), Pat Ortega (teacher sitting), James Ong (wolf), Choo Chuan Cheng (woodcutter), --------, --------, Johari Ali,

Front:   ------, Zubaidha, Santwant Kaur, Donald, Alex Bulner, Chen Ming Yong.


  1. I like to know whether Leong Wai Hong has a brother named Leong Chee Hong who studied @Boys' Town?

  2. Hi Peter,
    I am not sure where Chee Hong studied but yes, Wai Hong has a brother by that name and a sister named Siew Quen, who we used to call 'baby', but she's now called Anne. She's in the photo as well but unfortunately cover by the girl infront.

  3. This is the comment from my friend Lam Chun see, which I deleted by mistake.
    LCS said...

    I am happy that so many old friends @ PEE have been reconnected. Sad though that many have migrated. I notice in my blog statistics that many of the visitors to Chuck's PEE article are from overseas - UK, Aus and Canada.

  4. James, did you know that there was another "house" in PEES and I don't know why in later years it was reduced to 4. I was in "Tong Liang" house and the colour was green :)

    1. Hi Brenda, since James mentioned that u lived a few "houses" away from him : I'm wondering was it a few blocks away or rather a few units away coz I used to live in Block 24 and we'd a neighbour by the name of Brenda too..! :)
      (Would really appreciate if James could help verify also)

    2. Hi Rufus
      Brenda was my neighbour at blk 21.
      The only Brenda I know from blk 24 was Brenda Oh who has a sister Grace. Mother was Peggy who was always dressed in a samfoo.
      Was this the Brenda you knew?

    3. Hi James,

      You're spot on regarding Brenda and Grace : I only managed to read about them on "goodmorningyesterday.blogspot" just now and sorry for jumping the gun! Gotta take my hat off to u for being able to recall even their surname and also Aunty Peggy! :)

  5. Dear Brenda,
    Thanks for this revealing piece of info. Yes, I now remember Tong Liang House after you mention it! How could I have forgotten in the first place.

    Tong Liang House was named after Goh Tong Liang, who was a Legislative Assemblyman who lived in Choa Chu Kang. He is related to my grandfather Goh Tong Siew ( I will be embarrassed if they turned out to be brothers, but I need to check with my mother on this!) I just know that they are related.

    Perhaps the removal of Tong Liang House was the reason why so many PEES students had to 'change' House. I was moved from Guttas to Kiwi House when I was in Pri 5.