Sunday, November 18, 2012

Photos from ex-residents (9) - Eddie Tan

Eddie Tan used to live at #113B (Blk 19) at Princess Elizabeth Estate.
Eddie sent me his 1965 class photo when he was in Primary 3A.

He is hoping to make contact with as many former classmates as he can via this blog.
If anyone can recall being with Eddie from 1963 to 1968 at Princess Elizabeth Estate School, please do send in a comment.

Primary 3A of 1965.
(Click on the picture for a larger detailed view)

Seated L-R: Kwok Li Choo, Eddie Gan Chong Lek, Goh Peng Sum, Form Teacher Ms Tan Hong Eng, See Yang Chee, Eddie Tan, Song?

Centre L-R: Foo Sek Sen, Chew Ah Lan, Azizah, Grace Oh,  Poh Chew Yong, Lim Song Boon, Chan Yoke Meng, Lee Suh Yang, Deborah Phua, Lim? Kim Cheng,  Chua Sok Wee, Esther Wee, Lee Yuh Mei, Lim Nyuk Foong, Ho Kok Wah

Back L-R: Thia Boon Hwa, Tay Boon Kok, Leong?, Abdul Fattah, Leong Wing Soon, Chong Tian Seng, ?, Sarawan, Sim Khee Lian, Loh Kim Chong, Ranjit Singh, Hashim, ?, Ong Ee Tong, Choo Chuan Huat, Andrew, Mokhtar Ali
36 pupils identified (3 partial), 2 unidentified.

Reunited via this blog: 8 
Eddie Tan
Deborah Phua
Choo Chuan Huat
Lee Yuh Mei
Esther Wee
Sim Khee Lian
Mark Tay Boon Kok
Amy Poh Chew Yong.

On a happy note, a previous photo sent in by Brenda Low of Ms Pat Ortega's 1961 class managed to round up 20 of the 30 classmates! This is fantastic. I believe that they are trying to organise a reunion next January. Just hope they don't forget to invite me too!

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  1. Your photo brings back lots of memories for me about the greenery at the rear. My classmates and I, as I am sure you with yours, had spent lots of time exploring that patch of 'jungle' on the hillside of Bukit Gombak.

    1. Oh yes James, those were really carefree times. I also remember climbing the hill in front of our school next to the private housing estate to fly kite & had lots of fun kite fighting with the other kites flying up there. We used the tress below our block to run our glass soaked kite strings round the trees to dry them before we roll them round tin cans. Man those were really good times.

    2. I had wanted to write something about those kite string making days, but for the life of me, I can't recall what was that yucky stuff we boiled the strings in. In the article about the Chinese kampong I said it was 'mica' but I think I was wrong. I remember running my strings along the clothes hanging poles behind our block.
      There was another group of boys who would run their glass string on the trees beside the bus terminus. I also recall being scolded by my parents because our fingers would always get cuts from crushing the glass bottles to make glass powder for coating the strings. We probably might have fought kites up on the hill before where they built the terrace houses.

  2. Haha you must be one of them who cut my kite away. I was never good at kite flying anyway. Lost so many of them to those boys waiting for those that got cut & floating to earth.

  3. James, just to let you know that Chuan Huat wrote to me on Lam Chun See's blog. He's the guy standing 3rd from the right. So now there's 3 of us from this class photo including Deborah Phua.
    Thanks for great blog.

    1. That's great. Now there's 3 of you in contact with another 35 to go! I have emailed to Deborah to get her to log on to this page. Pls get Chuan Huat to log in here as well as it's a bit difficult to keep switching between my friend Chun See and this page. (LCS will kill me for saying this)

  4. Deborah Phua - Is Li Choo the same as Grace Oh? I identified her as Grace but you mentioned Li Choo. Are they the same ?

    1. Hi James,
      Li Choo and Grace Oh are two different person. Grace Oh was in Class 3B.

    2. I always thought that Grace Oh was in our class, maybe not in Pr.3, because I kinda remembered that she pulled out a chair as I was about to sit down. I can tell you that was a nasty fall I had. She was quite a mischievous girl if I remembered correctly. Could she be the one standing directly behind Li Choo?

    3. Eddie, I think u are right. Grace Oh was with us in Pri.3A and later switch to Pri.4B or Pri.5B. So, the girl directly behind could be, and looked like Grace Oh.

    4. Ok in that case, I will list the girl behind Li Choo as Grace until proven otherwise. Grace and her sister Brenda will close friend with my family. After they moved away from PEE, as with my family (mass eviction,) to Bukit Gombak with the rest of the PEE residents, their mother Peggy met with a tragic motorcycle accident. Sad.

    5. Oh that's really sad. I remember her mum. They stayed behind my block in the 7 storey block.

  5. Eddie, Chuan Huat & Debbie, - you 'll be happy to know I have emailed to Esther's brother to get her to come in to this post. Hopefully, she'll be your 4th contact. keep your fingers crossed.

  6. Which one is Loh Kim Chong?

  7. Chuan Huat said...
    Hi Eddie,
    If I'm correct, were you the one student that assist our Primary 6A form teacher Mr. Jimmy Tan to mark the class maths workbook. In the photo, I think I'm the one standing at the back row 3rd from the right. Beside me is Ong Ee Tong. Those standing at the rear are Sim Khee Lian, Loh Kim Chong, Mohan Singh etc. I can remember the girls like Debbie Phua, Chua Sok Wee, Esther Wee, Lee Yu Mei etc. Yes, its been 48 years ago and welcome onboard. Really nice to hear from you.
    D, That makes 3 of us from the same class. Wonderful! Really great. Hoping that more would come join us.

    18 November, 2012

  8. According to Chuan Huat's post, Kim Chong should be inbetween Mohan & Khee Lian.

  9. D said...

    Hi all, Chuan Huat and big hello to Eddie Tan! Well there's three of us now. I remember you well Eddie, the neatest boy in class, the very opposite of Eddie Gan who always had one side of his shirt hanging out.

    I tried posting on James's blog but couldn't type there…just wouldn't work so here I am :) You know since PEES is a school of siblings we can use our older brothers n sisters hard work in finding each other n make contact with classmates like Esther Wee, Ernest's sis, Sok Wee who is Sok Yong's sis. And who else? Do either of you know?

    I was looking at that wonderful photo from you Eddie and trying hard to remember our classmates. Next to you Eddie, the girl on your right with the hair band I think is Yang Chee. On Eddie Gan's right is Li Choo.

    First row standing from the right, as we view the pic, Kok Wah, Nyuk Foong whose younger brother was in my brother Gregory's class (he may lead us to her). Then Yu Mei, can't recall the girl next to her, then Sok Wee, girl I can't remember, then me, Su Yang. I don't recall the names of the rest but the Malay girl is Azizah, girl, the boy is Foo something, his sister was a year or two older, Foo Jee Lan.

    Back row I only remember 6th boy from the left. I was asking abt him in one of my posts. He's the great dancer Tian Seng. Then two boys down is Khee Lian, boy, Ranjit? Hashim, boy, boy, Chuan Huat, boy then Mokhtar. Wondering now if the boy behind Foo is Boon Hwa?

    Teacher is Ms Tan ? ? She was one if my favourite teachers. She was good in folk dancing :)

    Girl next to Yu Mei is Esther Wee. Girl standing behind, between Li Choo n Eddie Gan is Poh something? She may be Esther's neighbour n daughter of yong tau foo lady in the tuck shop

    James thanks for the email alert n posting Eddie Tan's photo :)

    20 November, 2012


  10. Hi D;Eddie,
    The names of our classmates as I can recall are:
    Front sitting L to R:
    Kwok Li Choo;Gan Chong Lek;Goh Peng Sum;Mrs Tan;girl;Eddie Tan;
    Standing middle row L to R:
    Foo??;?;?;?;?;?;?;Su Yang;Deborah Phua;?;Chua Sok Wee;Esther Wee;Lee Yu Mei;Nyuk Fong;Ho Kok Wah.
    Standing Back Row L to R:
    ??Boon;Tay Boon Kok;
    Leong??;?;Leong Weng Soon;Chong Tian Seng;?;?;Sim Khee Lian;Loh Kim Chong;Ranjit Singh;Hashim;?;Ong
    Ee Tong;Choo Chuan Huat;?;Mokhtar.
    21 November, 2012

  11. Second boy from the right, between Chuan Huat n Mokhtar is Andrew. I think he lived in the Gonzalez block. These names are suddenly popping to mind as I look at the faces. My hubby says these are what take up our memory cells without us realizing it…takes up space so we can't remember other current stuff and we think we're "nyanyok". I asked him if there's a way to defrag important files and delete other unnecessary files lol

  12. Fourth boy from the left is Abdul Fathar. I think the boy on Khee Lian's right is Sarawan?

  13. Hi James, you seems to know Babu Viswanatha. He says that he was in Pr.1A to 6A from 1963 - 1968 in the other PEES Facebook. D & I couldn't remember him at all. I've posted in his post & waiting for his reply. Do you know him well?

    1. Eddie, I know why you seem confused or don't seem to know Babu altho he was from 1963 to 1968 Pri 1A to Pri 6A. Like me, Babu was in School II whereas you were in School I. (morning afternoon session). Babu was 1 year behind me. I was from 62-67.

    2. Oh ya, I totally forgotten that we had 2 sessions. Sheesh.... sudah tua lah :-)

  14. I recalled the girl to the left of Su Yang as Chan Yoke Meng

    1. To the left as in looking straight at the picture ? On Su Yang left is Deborah.

  15. James, u are right.

  16. Thank God for Ricky & Debbie's excellent memory. Without them our class will have lots of "UFOs" (Unidentified Friendly Orang)

  17. Hi Ricky, just to keep you updated that we managed to contact Esther Wee who is also in contact with Lee Yuh Mei. So there are now 5 of us. Do you have an email address? Can you send to me so that I can have you in our email group so as to keep you in the loop of the latest happening in our search for our long lost classmates?

  18. Hi All,
    I was directed by Esther to this blog.
    Nice to be re-aquainted after so many years!
    Re photo, counting from L-R, Centre L2 is Chew Ah Lan (I think), L6 Lim Song Boon, L10 Lim(?) Kim Cheng. Some names that could have been slightly mis-spelt (including mine, but which Eddie got correct); Lee Suh(?) Yang, Leong Wing(?) Soon, Abdul Fattah(?). BTW, Yang Chee's surname is See and Form Teacher is Tan Hong Eng

  19. Hi there Yuh Mei, welcome aboard. So good to hear from you after so many years
    I'm compiling all the emails & Facebook contacts if you have of our classmates.
    Do you mind sending me y our email & your Facebook contact if any? You can search for mine at this email address: under Eddie Tan. So far we managed to gather Deborah Phua, Choo Chan Huat & mine on Facebook. Take care & stay in touch.

  20. As at 6th November 2015, Primary 3A 1965, managed to gather 12 ex-classmates : Eddie Tan, Deborah Phua, Choo Chuan Huat, Esther Wee, Lee Yuh Mei, Kwok Li Choo, Sim Khee Lian, Leong Wing Soon, See Yang Chee, Chua Sok Wee, Foo Sek Sen & Poh Chew Yong.

  21. and Tay Boon Kok (Mark)

  22. and including Tay Boon Kok (Mark)