Monday, November 19, 2012

Photos from ex-residents (10) - Grace Seah

Grace Seah left Princess Elizabeth estate when she was only 9 years old but still remembers vividly her years spent there. Especially of her years growing up with her friends from P.E.E School and with her neighbours.  Grace now lives in Perth, Australia. These pictures are from  her.

The Dance Group photo was taken on 31 May 1968 at the annual primary school sports day held at the
football field bounded by the 3 rows of low rise houses.
I am 4th from the left (front row) and Grace Chua is the first girl seated from the left.
The teacher /dance instructor was Miss Cherry Tan.

This pic of Rosanna Ong (left) and me was taken at the green park just in front of my block 19. 
I remember there was a beautiful Flame of the Forest tree
 and I think we were probably standing right below it.
Rosanna Ong used to be our neighbour and we used to climb over to each other's homes via the balcony.

My brother Eddie & me on our balcony.  My parents would place a "bangku" just next to the dividing wall between my neighbour, the Ongs. that we could climb over to each other homes easily.  Many happy times were spent interacting with our neighbours in this manner.  Our balcony was also our "garden".  My parents would plant herbs and other flowering plants in pots in our balcony.   

My neighbours and grandma playing cheekee in our dining room.  
There was a big table in our dining room which doubled up as the dining table. 
It was made of solid timber and we used the same linoleum floor covering as the table "cloth" 

The Ong sisters, Eddie & me under the lovely Flame of the Forest tree. I will never forget that tree with its vibrant red flowers and recall always feeling a cool breeze emanating from the tree whenever it was a hot day.  It was pure and unadulerated "airconditioning" back then.  The Lee sisters used to lay a tikar mat on the grass on lazy afternoons and I often joined them there to play with Claire.


  1. James, Blk 19 is the block in front of the old community centre?

    1. No, the block beside the CC was Blk 17.
      Blk 19 was on the same stretch beyond your Blk 20.

  2. AnonymousJuly 08, 2016

    I was born in blk 19, Princess Elizabeth Estate, in the year 1958. So much memories of my childhood home. Unfortunately, I do not have any photos to contribute, but I remember that Flame of the Forest tree. It was a lovely walk down memory lane for me. Thank you so much...