Sunday, November 11, 2012

Bees invade Princess Elizabeth Estate

On the evening of 4th August 1981, a block of flats at Princess Elizabeth Estate was invaded by a large swarm of bees.

This tale was told to me by Wendy Ng, who lived at the affected block at that time with her brothers and parents.
It was her brother Wilson, as reported in the Straits Times the following day, who called the Environment Ministry about the danger to the residents.

Strangely, they were informed that the Ministry would only send workers to eradicate the bee hive only the next morning !
I wonder if this is the normal operating procedure?  Wouldn't the danger of getting stung warrant an immediate response to this situation?
The report also mentioned that 2 residents were already stung by the bees. Just turn off the lights and shut your doors and windows, advised the Police.

Hmm, in today's age of social media, I wonder how the people would respond to this kind of advice.

I guess that's the price you pay when your estate is located beside the luscious natural greenery that is Bukit Gombak.
Blk 22 Princess Anne Hill where Wendy lived with her family.
Many residents also knew this as the 'Gonzales' block.
Mr Raphael Gonzales was the PAP MP for Serangoon Gardens in the 60s
and lived the ground floor unit on the left. Wendy lived on the 3rd floor above him.

A follow-up report in the Straits Times of 6 August 1981.


  1. Hi James..I was staying in 128A when that front of this block there used to be a tree...which was chopped down probably in 84 or 85. The bee hive was in that tree, just infront of my unit!

  2. thank's for your information and i like it post ^____^