Wednesday, March 23, 2016

PEES Scouts and Cubs Troop - 1958/1959.

What better way to open this year's blogging than with a heritage photo of the Scout & Cubs Troop 1403 of Princess Elizabeth Estate School taken in 1958 or 1959.

(click on photo to enlarge)
Courtesy of Akela Rosy (Mrs Rosy Bramphy) who had sent it to Ebert Upatissa, who kindly allowed me to post it here in my PEE blog. It took a while for us to try and come up with the names of those in the photo and I guess we succeeded to a good extent. Thanks must go especially to James Chan Kum Sung and his brother, Kum Choy who is in the picture and later became a Queen's Scout, and Tay Kay Swee for coming up with most of the identities.

However. it is still not complete and we hope that anyone who can further identify the missing names will send me a note in the comments below.  Or a note of correction for the mis-identified.

We are also not very sure as to the exact year the photo was taken but only that it was a group photo of the cubs taken in front of the Principal's Office, whose door can be seen at the back on the right. The other door on the left was the Teacher's Staff Room.

To make it easier to read I am reposting the above picture with the names below and removing the sepia aging for a clearer view.

Back row:
Chan Kum Choy, Babir Singh, ?, Tay Kwee Keong, Segaran, Tan Boon Hin, Fong Kum Siong, Heng, Pritam Singh.
(Face between the Staff Room door post is teacher Mr Chia)

3rd Row:
Bernard Fernandez, Chew Kim Huat, Tan Boon Hui, Gerard, Tham Yew Hin, Ong Ee Keng, Assuan, Szeto Fun Hoy, Venogopalan.

2nd Row:
Mammat Anwar, Alias Ali, Maniam, Jumiam, Ernie Koh Fei Meng, Rafie, Mrs. Rosy Bramphy, Richard Lim, Chong Kew, ?, ?, Robert Lim.

Front Row:
Vincent Seow See Chye, Zainal Ali, ?, Salwant Singh, Tay Kwee Jin, Tan Boon Huat, Tan Boon Kwang, Yeo Loy Tong, Kok Lee Kwang, Ng Chock San, Poh Cheng Toh, Ronnie Choo Chuan Chye.

postscript: I was just informed that the above photo was taken in 1958-1959 period. As such I have amended the heading.


  1. Great job done with the identification of names. If I remember correctly Szeto Fun Hoy's father was the official school Tailor and his shop was in PEE too. Segaran lived in a block that faced the school ( just behind the block nearest to the bus terminal.)Sorry block numbers dont come to mind.

  2. James, given the presence of the pavement that they were sitting on and the 2 windows, I think the building behind is the scouts den, and not the principal's office?

    1. Terraleah, I do believe you are right. They are standing in front of the scouts den.

  3. Jeffrey Too Tick Wat (Toh Teck Huat)November 17, 2016

    The tallest person, if I have not mistaken, was Wong Hock Bin (between Segaran and Tan Boon Hin. After Fong Kum Siong should be Ong Ee Heng.
    3rd Row: Next to Chew Kim Huat should be Tay Boon Hwee (not Tan Boon Hui)and Gerald Cheah ( who I can recall that he had emigrated to Australia with his family sometimes in 1959, because he was sitting next to me in my class).After Tham Yew Hin was Yip?Yew Peng and then Aswan (not Assuan). They were my classmates in some of the years. Next to Mrs. Rosy was Shafik (also Rafie?)and before Robert Lim was Manoharan. Shafik's father was a veterinarian with the Dairy Farm. Most of the names that I corrected were my Primary 5 and 6 classmates. I think Yeo Loy Tong should be Yeo Loy Kiang as he was my classmate although I can't recognize him. Others their faces were familiar to me but I can't really recalled their names because they were from other classes.

  4. Stumbled upon this photo quite by chance! Quite amazing! Yes, it's me (Yeo Loy Tong) in the photo not my brother. I'm next to Tan Boon Kwang who went onto RI with me in 1963. Boon Kwang and Boon Huat went on to be quite famous ballet dancers although we didn't know that they were taking ballet lessons then. I did go once with their family out shooting ducks. The only other person I remember is Zainal Ali - he was a very talented singer; what became of him? And of course, Mrs Rosy and Mr Bernard - they were great. I was still in cubs so that puts it in P4 (1960); when did we move on to scouts? Mr Venugopalan was my P6 teacher (1962). Thank you very much for putting up these photos. I also found myself in the PEES 1962 School Magazine P6A(I) back row, 2nd from left. Much appreciated. Have been living in Sydney since 1967.