Saturday, August 1, 2015

Homecoming the Musical: Honouring our Pioneers & Alumni

I had an invitation from Mrs Joyce Lee, head of National Education at Princess Elizabeth Primary School (PEPS) to attend a musical which the school was putting up in conjunction with SG50 and the theme was Honouring our Pioneers and Alumni.

I went with a bit of trepidation knowing that I probably wouldn't know anyone from the school after all these years. Joyce had invited me as I had let them use some of my blog material and photos for their celebration. My fears were unfounded as meeting Joyce, the Principal Mdm Moliah and the Vice Principal Kok Keong, really put me at ease immediately.

I realised there that the function was actually a gathering in celebration of the former PEPS educators and staff from the previous years, which I must frankly say that I don't know any of them as they were all after my years at PEES. The only one I could still recognise was Mrs Kannan, whom I had first met at their Diamond Jubilee Dinner a few years ago. Mrs Kannan never taught me but she had taught my siblings though.

The highlight of the evening was the musical put up by the staff and students. It was colourful and performed to an excellent level. You can see the tremendous effort put into the production. Kudos to all the staff and children.

Here are some photo highlights of the evening.

Guest of Honour was Mr Ramesh Kannan, Judicial Commissioner at the Supreme Court of Singapore.
Ramesh Kannan was an old boy of PEES and is also the son of former teacher Mrs Kannan.
Mdm Moliah, the current Principal, is showing Mr Kannan  the Alumni Wall, a new plaque created to acknowledge prominent alumni of the school.

A rousing standing ovation from guests and parents for the performers!


  1. you're right James....I don't see anyone from our generation in the photos

  2. Came across your blog when I did a google search for the Homecoming musical. Thanks for the wonderful content sir.
    On a side note, Probably those from your generation are too old and frail. Probably in their 80s? :-)

    Parent of a current P6 student who performed in the musical

    1. *facepalm!* anyway, thanks for visiting my blog. But no, really, most of my batch have yet to even collect our senior citizen cards, not even to say we are in our 80s. hahaha. Most of us are still working hoping we still can up to our 80s unless we become frail as you say.

  3. I remember Mrs Kannan. She was my class teacher when I was in Primary 1. That was in 1969... wow, so long time ago..

  4. Thank you for your effort in putting up this blog! Really brought back the old memories of being a Blk 4 Hillview Ave resident (from when I was born in '77 to when we moved out to Bt Batok in '97). Thanks to Mrs Kannan who taught us not only English but how to write cursive well! Remembered when I looked out of my bedroom window how envious I was of the 3 or 4 (?) storey PEE flats cos it looked real cool and homely!

  5. Thanks so much for putting up this blog!
    I had Mrs Kannan for English, and her daughter Malini was my classmate in primary 4A, 5A and 6A. Mrs Kannan could be fierce and strict, but we got along well :)