Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Staff & Pupils - Rosie Bramphy.

Princess Elizabeth Estate School - Staff Photograph.

I've received another set of photos from the collection of Rosie Bramphy, through the courtesy of Mr Ebert Upatissa. I will post two of the photos below and hope someone can identify the staff in the 1st picture, and, the pupils in the second photo.
At this moment, I do not know which year the pictures were taken but i suspect it to be around the late '50s or early '60s.

Click on the pictures for a larger detailed view.


  1. AnonymousJuly 07, 2016

    This photo was taken in 1960 when Mrs. Brampy (then Miss Nanavthi?) was form teacher of the Primary 2 Class in School 1. Some of the students in the pix are: Front Row - Meetoh Kaur; ?; ?; Esther Boey; Maria Osman; ?; ?; Lee Yoke Ngoh; ?; ?; Heng Guek Cheng; Peggy Tupaz; Maureen Boh. Middle Row: ?; Ng Eng Khoon; Zul; Wijaya; Tan Lim Huat; Lee Wah Yuen; Chu Hai Ting; Shoo How Beng; Lee Fatt; ?; ?. Back Row: Chong Koy Sen; ?; ?; Sim Khee Wang; Mohd. Anuwar; Philip ?; Subash Chandran; Goh Leng Hock; ?; Lim Sing Joo.

  2. In the photo of the teachers, I can only recognise Mr George Catherasoo, the principal. This must be before my time. I joined Primary 1 in 1964 when my form teacher was Miss Elizabeth, a tall, very lovely lady and Mr Sinathamby(?), Mr Othman and Mrs Lee Siew Choh were already teaching there. Don't see them in this picture. (Yum Shoen Liang)

    1. Jeffrey Too Tick WatNovember 24, 2016

      Photo of Teachers: I can recognized Mr.G. Catherasoo (the school principal). 2nd Row from Right: M/S Bernard Ferandez, PK Koshy (my Pr.6A form teacher in 1960) and Venugopalan.

  3. Back row l-r: Mr. Barka (lived at block 21 - house no.123B).
    2nd row 1-r: 4th Chinese teacher and 6th Tamil Teacher (We address them as Teacher).
    Front row 3rd front right: Mrs. Venugopalan.

  4. Maureen ChuaJune 09, 2019

    Ms Pat Otega is the lady with glasses next to the school principal. She was the PE teacher.