Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Remember the kitchen sink?

It may look just like an ordinary sink, and it really is.
However, this picture of the sink will bring back memories for ex-residents of Princess Elizabeth Estate.

This was the standard kitchen sink that was installed in every flat in our estate.
It came with the standard brass tap and the side drain tray that was made of a ceramic material.
I can't remember if it was granite, cement or some other natural material.

If you thought that today's HDB kitchen is small, you have not seen the old PEE kitchen.
It was minuscule! It was so small that 2 persons standing together was a crowd.
That was why if you had a fridge, it would normally be located away from the kitchen.

The trade off was that the bedrooms were much larger than today's apartments.

Now my blog can claim to be  Everything About Princess Elizabeth Estate,  including the kitchen sink.

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