Thursday, November 9, 2023

The Battle of Bukit Timah

 Hello everyone,

It has been too long since I last focused on this blog and for that I do apologise.
These past months I have been busy with my video project which I had put off for quite a while as well, but decided that I should try and at least finish it before the end of this year. And this I must say I have accomplished.

Following my videos on the Japanese Invasion of Singapore during World War 2, where I covered the Battle of Chua Chu Kang, followed by the Massacre at Dairy Farm and lastly, the Battle of Bukit Batok, I have now completed my 4th video in the series and it is about the Battle of Bukit Timah.

This last video was so much tougher to do as it involved so many army units and each had to be mentioned as they all had a part to play in it. The research I had to do to look up each and every unit was what took the most time. This time I had the good fortune of getting more details from the Japanese side.

Most Singaporeans would have heard about the Battle of Bukit Timah but many do not know more than perhaps where it took place? Perhaps that is you too? 

So as not to spoil anything further for you, I will not say any more but to ask you to enjoy my latest video on Youtube.  But I do ask that you please leave a comment on the Youtube channel, and a 'Like' if you really liked the show. I am sure you will learn something from it.

(If you have problems with clicking on the image, you can click this link:- )

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