Thursday, April 30, 2015

Photos from ex-residents - Chew Wah Meng (#22)

Regular contributor Wah Meng has again sent me 2 wonderful old photos taken in the old estate.

The first is one of Wah Meng with his brothers as well as with some friends and neighbourhood kids. This was taken in front of the Sin Wah Hin Provision Shop (block 16 Prince Charles Rise)


The second is of the PEE Youth Group organised by the estate community centre.
The CC Organising Secretary is Mr Ronald Lim who is pictured in the front row extreme right.
Ronald Lim was also a PEE resident and lived at the 7-storey block ground floor (Blk 23).
Back Row: XX, Kim Huat, Szeto Fun Hio, XX, XX Johar Anuar, Balbir Singh, XX, XX, Aswan Suri, XX

dle Row: Chok Kor (Sin Wah Hin eldest son), Jumain Bakri, Binhan, Wong Par (No13 Provision shop son), Ang Beng Kong - Ang Beng Huat's youngest brother(?), XX, Woo Eng Lee(with watch), John Sim, Cheng Wee, Ang Beng Huat .

Front Row: XX, Sulaiman, Yao Hung, XX, Kampong Boy, Johnny Tan, Ronald Lim

 The pictures were taken around 1957. This would make most of them in their 60s today.
Can you recognise anyone in the photos? I'd love to hear your comments.

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  1. Chan Kum-SungJuly 23, 2015

    Left to Right:
    Back Row: ? guy with eye glasses, Kim Huat, Szeto Fun Hio, ?, ? Johar Anuar, Singh?, ?, ?, Aswan Suri, ?.
    Middle Row: Chok Kor - Sin Wah Hin eldest son, Jumine, ?, Wong Par - No. 13 shop owner son, Looks like Ang Beng Kong - Ang Beng Huat's youngest brother, ?, Woo Eng Lee - with a watch on his hand, John Sim, Cheng Wee, Ang Beng Huat .
    Front Row: ?, Sulaiman, Yao Hung, ?, Kampong Boy, Johnny Tan, Ronald.