Monday, May 13, 2013

Princess Elizabeth Estate at Singapore Art Museum 8Q

The Dept of Architecture of the National University of Singapore (NUS) will be collaborating with the Singapore Art Museum to present the Annual Art Garden exhibition from 18th May 2013.

The exhibition called LANDscape in the BOX will feature collective works by 134 students from the Architecture faulty and will show their perceptions and visions of the Singapore landscape.

One particular work by 1st year student Woo Jiekai is based on the landscape of Hillview, where he lives. Jiekai compares the environment found at  Hillview Avenue with its gated condominiums today to that of our former estate of Princess Elizabeth.

A major part of his presentation was taken from this blog.
You can see a small preview of his work at this website: Landscape in the Box

The exhibition will be launched on 18th May 2013, which is the International Museum Day.
The exhibits are at the Singapore Art Museum Q8 at Queens Street ground level.
I am also eager to see what Jiekai has done, so if you can, please try and give him your support too.


  1. Coincidentally, in a ST article today, Kg Silat was described as the 2nd oldest SIT estate in Singapore. Princess Elizabeth Estate;s SIT flats are however unique - I believe they are the only ones with balconies.

  2. Both estates were designed by the same architect, Stanley C Woolmer.