Saturday, March 2, 2013

P.E.E.S Class Reunion (1963- 1968)

Another happy class reunion after separation for 45 years!
As a result of Eddie Tan's request on this blog, several of his cohort managed to re-connect with each other after all these years.

Yesterday, this small but growing group met again for the first time for a class reunion dinner.
They were from the 1963 to 1968 batch.

L-R: Ricky Choo, Lee Yuh Mei, Mark Tay Boon Kok, Eddie Tan,
Catherine Chua Sok Wee, Debbie Phua & Esther Wee

       This was their Primary 3A class photo taken in 1965.

A little assistance from Eddie Tan to identify who's who!

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