Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Photos from ex-residents (4)

I received 2 photographs from an ex-resident who wishes to remain anonymous.
The photos were taken almost a generation apart. Some of the children in the 2nd photo have parents featured in the 1st photo!

If you can identify any of them, please send me a email.
(I hope my friend Lowy can be of assistance here as she seems very good at identifying the ex-residents.)

Photo of staff of National Carbon (Union Carbide) and friends having a celebration at a house at Princess Elizabeth Estate. Taken around 1953.
L-R: 1. Lee. 2 Maxie,  3. Bongsu (Mrs Joseph Lee),  4.unknown(back), 5 Yap ___?, 6 Goh Tong Liang, 7 Goh Tong Siew, 8. Hogan, 9 Agnes Goh, 10. unknown (behind), 11 Koh Keng Kwee, 12 unknown, 13 Mrs Leong Wah Tim, 14 Leong Wah Tim, 15 Peter Leong, 16 Joseph Lee.
(Click on photo for enlarged view)

Photo of a children's party taken around 1960.
L-R: Stephanie (looking right), Leong Chee Hong, Betty Lee, Anne Moss, June Moss.


  1. Hey James I can identify the exact same people you can, not much help. I'll get my dad to help when I see him next.

  2. Thanks Lowy. Appreciate the effort.