Friday, September 5, 2014

Looking for old friends - Tay Kay Swee

Tay Kay Swee was a pupil at Princess Elizabeth Estate School from 1954 to 1957.
That would make him one of the pioneers at PEE School that moved to Hillview in 1955.

Kay Swee lived with his family at Blk 19 Princess Anne Hill.
He moved away in 1976 but his family remained there till the estate was closed in 1994.

Tay Kay Swee was in the school scout movement as well as being an active sportsman in school.
He sent me an old photo that was taken after the scout troop ended a camping trip to Sembawang Beach. He was a Troop Leader then in 1956.
He is very keen to meet up with his school mates or anyone from the scout troop.

Princess Elizabeth Estate School Scouts - 9 August 1956.

Though information is sketchy, here's a bit that might help:

Tay Kay Swee - Seated 2nd from left
Idris - Seated 1st far left.
Edmond A Doss - Scout Master - seated 3rd from left
Robert De Souza - Scout Master - seated 4th from left
Lau Cheng Hock (Dr) - seated 2nd from right.
Mohinder Singh - Back row 3rd from right - lived near the circus beside Castrol
Beng Seng - Middle row 2nd from right - sportsman & table tennis player - lived next to the Ang                              family (Ang Meng Huat/Ang Meng Kong) facing the football field.
Kam Fatt- Middle row 6th from right - lived at house facing football field.
Also searching for Seetoh Hon Hoy, the estate tailor's son who was a scout but not in the above photo.

If you can recognise or identify anyone from the photo, do put in a comment below and hopefully, I can get some sort of reunion going for them, as this blog has done for many others.


  1. Hi Tay Kay Swee - I had lived in unit 107 Prince Charles Rise since the early 1950's. This unit is directly in front of your unit. Although I can't remember you, I knew the late Oil Pin (not sure of spelling) and Molly Tan that had lived in unit 116. The names you have posted above I believe should be Ang Beng Huat/Ang Beng Kong and not Ang Meng Huat/Ang Meng Kong. Also, Kam Fatt should be Leong Wing Fatt. Cheers!

  2. My father is Mohinder singh

    1. Hi Singh , son of Mohinder Singh .
      I am Tay Kay Swee, was a Scout together with your dad . Please show him the photo above so that he could remember . I would like to meet up with him and at the same time to find out the where about of Charanjit Singh who used to live in Kiwi Factory . Note : Mr. James Tann has my Email address .